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New Books:
Early Childhood Songbook
Reading Music for Bells
Bells Songbook
Reading Ukulele Music
Reading Guitar Music
Reading Piano Music
Note Values
Piano Scales
Piano Chords
Guitar Chords

3-Part Cards/Flash Cards:
Do Re Mi and Letters
First Position for Piano​
Ukulele Chords
Guitar Chords
Guitar Tabs and Notation
Music Notation
Ledger Lines
Montessori Convention 
Denver, Colorado
March 22-25, 2018
Look for New Books and
Products to be unveiled!
By the way:
This book has become my blueprint
for creating books and tools for music
using the Montessori Method of Teaching!  I highly recommend it
and will be selling it at the convention!
Visit the
research that revolutionized
the way I teach music!!!
To the Brain...
Check out our beautiful new 
3-part Card Holders!
Many colors and patterns!
Custom monogramming!
Click on the piano
to practice the
12345 finger
Non-Musician's Guide to
Teaching Music
Ms. Sandra at Barry University
Jan. 9, 2016
Montessori Florida Coalition
Teacher/Parent Day