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New Books:
Early Childhood Songbook
Reading Music for Bells
Bells Songbook
Reading Ukulele Music
Reading Guitar Music
Reading Piano Music
Note Values
Piano Scales
Piano Chords
Guitar Chords

3-Part Cards/Flash Cards:
Do Re Mi and Letters
First Position for Piano​
Ukulele Chords
Guitar Chords
Guitar Tabs and Notation
Music Notation
Ledger Lines
Montessori Convention 
Denver, Colorado
March 22-25, 2018
Look for New Books and
Products to be unveiled!
By the way:
This book has become my blueprint
for creating books and tools for music
using the Montessori Method of Teaching!  I highly recommend it
and will be selling it at the convention!
Visit the
research that revolutionized
the way I teach music!!!
To the Brain...
Check out our beautiful new 
3-part Card Holders!
Many colors and patterns!
Custom monogramming!
Click on the piano
to practice the
12345 finger
Non-Musician's Guide to
Teaching Music
Ms. Sandra at Barry University
Jan. 9, 2016
Montessori Florida Coalition
Teacher/Parent Day
 Experienced and Caring Instructors

Piano                 Guitar                 Drums                 Voice

  1. Lessons
    Private Lessons with Caring and Professional Teachers
  2. Theory
    Understanding what music is all about!
  3. Recitals
    Recitals with other students to show progress
  4. Composition
    Learn to compose music
  5. Montessori Teaching Tools
    Games and manipulatives that make it easy to understand music concepts and theory
  6. Teacher Training
    Schedule teacher training on how to use tools and games in the classroom or home. Designed for easy use by non-musicians!
  7. Group Activities
    Social events and group activities - - It is important to learn how to work with other musicians!
  8. Performance
    Learn how to handle the stage and put your best foot forward